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Is Your Website Holding You Back?

Creating & Maintain A Successful Web Presence
Your website is a critical part of attracting and acquiring new patients. It’s the first impression your prospective patients have of your practice. Suppose your website is not visually attractive, loading slowly, or containing outdated information. In that case, it will influence how likely that patient is to trust you as a professional or call your practice to set up an appointment.

Website Design & Development

Whether you have a pre-existing website that needs a facelift or starting from scratch, our team has you covered. We specialize in crafting beautifully designed and highly optimized websites for medical practices. We take the time to learn about your practice and marketing strategy and then build a website based on your unique needs that looks good and ranks well, ensuring your practice gets the visibility it deserves.

Step 1: Research

We take the time to get to know your personality, practice, and goals. By learning about you, we ensure that you get a website that is as unique as your practice.

Step 2: Strategize

After researching and learning about your practice, we can begin to strategize how to set up a website that encapsulates all your needs. We will build out a site map and write all the necessary text.

Step 3: Design

Once we complete the outline for your website, our design team will take over and begin working their magic. They will create the layout and necessary graphics to give your website the look and feel you desire.

Step 4: Develop

Once the design and content are finalized, the development team beings to create the website you and your patients will see on the web. It’s not much longer until you will see the results of the website build and an increase in revenue.

Custom Content & Copywriting

There’s nothing worse than a generic “cut and paste” copy. Your patients know when the text on your website sounds generic. Our copywriters ensure that all the content on your website is 100% unique and informative for prospective patients. This adds the benefit of helping your website get more visibility as search engines can recognize the difference between generic and unique copy and prefer the latter.

Search Engine Optimization

Website design and development is one part of the equation, but if you really want to see results from your website, you need to ensure your SEO strategy is nailed down. SEO is crucial for your website to rank well on search engines like Google. At avanmed, our team specializes in SEO strategy to ensure that your website looks good and ranks well in the categories that matter.

Website Management & Maintenance

The work does not stop once your website goes live. For a website to continue to function and rank well, it needs to be maintained. This includes updating software, hosting your site, publishing requested changes and being there when the unexpected occurs to ensure that your site always performs to the best of its ability.

Analytics & Reporting

Solid data and analytics are crucial for determining marketing strategies. Marketing without data collection is like taking a shot in the dark and hoping to hit your target. Every month avanmed clients receive comprehensive reporting on key data points related to their website and marketing campaigns to better understand what’s working and what can be improved.

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