Outsource Your Medical Virtual Assistant to avanmed Front Desk

Why Guatemala: The Ideal Destination for Medical Virtual Assistant Outsourcing

Central Time Zone, Highly Skilled Workforce, and Favorable Business Climate

At avanmed Front Desk, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient medical virtual assistance for your healthcare business. When it comes to outsourcing your medical practice needs, Guatemala emerges as an exceptional destination. From the advantages of Guatemala's strategic location to the unparalleled capabilities of its bilingual workforce, discover why avanmed Front Desk is your gateway to unparalleled service.

Guatemala: A Strategic Location for Medical Virtual Assistance

US Proximity & Talent from the Healthcare Industry

Guatemala offers a compelling advantage with its location in the Central Standard Time Zone. Compared to sourcing call attendants halfway around the world in countries like India or the Philippines, working with avanmed Front Desk allows for seamless and speedy communication with the United States. Our timely responses and real-time assistance ensure uninterrupted support for your patients and healthcare professionals.

Moreover, by choosing avanmed Front Desk, you create employment opportunities in Guatemala. The country boasts a substantial pool of college-educated individuals with direct experience working for prominent healthcare companies in the US, including Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana. By tapping into this exceptional talent pool, you not only receive high-quality service but also empower the local workforce.

Guatemala Virtual Assistance: About This Growing Industry

Educated, Bi-Lingual Workforce & Hub for BPO in Central America

Guatemala is rapidly emerging as a leading destination for virtual assistance outsourcing in Central America. Our virtual assistants are strategically situated in central business districts, tech hubs, and close to universities, providing us access to a highly educated and skilled labor pool. Avanmed Front Desk ensures that your medical assistance needs are met with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

What’s more? Avanmed has an office in Antiuga, Guatemala so your medical virtual assistant works out of the office with the rest of the avanmed team instead of being unsupervised in a call center halfway around the world.

Exceptional Language Skills & Versatile Expertise

Fluent Bilingualism & Extensive Training for Customized Patient Support

Our bilingual virtual assistants, fluent in English and Spanish, possess the necessary language skills to cater to a diverse range of patients. With a neutral Spanish accent, our agents are particularly suited to serve the US Hispanic market, ensuring effective communication and patient satisfaction. avanmed Front Desk agents undergo comprehensive training in various roles, including customer service, EMR/ EMH, technical support, HIPAA, and live chat, across multiple industries. This versatility allows us to adapt to your medical practice’s specific requirements to deliver exceptional service tailored to your business needs.

The Business Climate of Guatemala: Ideal for Virtual Assistance Outsourcing

Compliance, Competitiveness, & Investor-Friendly Environment

Guatemala's business process outsourcing (BPO) market, valued at $700 million, is characterized by compliance with international standards. Avanmed Front Desk adheres to all necessary regulations, including HIPAA, ensuring the utmost security and confidentiality of sensitive medical information.

The country's non-discriminatory laws toward foreign investors make it an attractive destination for outsourcing. Avanmed Front Desk leverages this conducive business climate to provide a seamless and transparent outsourcing experience, allowing you to focus on core aspects of your healthcare business.

Thriving Connectivity & Strategic Hub for Virtual Assistance

Efficient Communication, Accessibility, & Economic Growth for Seamless Virtual Support

Guatemala's strong telecommunications networks and infrastructure support efficient communication and connectivity, guaranteeing uninterrupted service for your virtual assistance needs. We can tailor your medical virtual assistant’s hours to match up with all continental US time zones. Being the third-largest country in Central America and easily accessible to North, South, and the rest of Central America, Guatemala serves as a regional hub for business and trade. The growing tourism industry further fuels job opportunities and relevant industries, making Guatemala a thriving economic environment.