Our Medical Virtual Assistants: Support for Your Practice
At avanmed Front Desk, our virtual medical assistants are the backbone of our service. They are highly trained, HIPAA certified, and equipped with the skills and expertise to optimize your practice's efficiency and patient satisfaction.
Our Exceptional Assistants

Nisa K.

Nisa has experience assisting a boutique rhinoplasty practice, a large bariatric center, and a dental office. Before working in the healthcare field, Nisa spent 11 years in customer service for the hospitality industry.

Blanca C.

Blanca has experience assisting Internal Medicine and Aesthetics & Wellness practices. Before working in healthcare, Blanca worked for All-State in the US insurance industry.

Diego M.

Diego has experience a Insurance Specialist. Before avanmed, Diego worked for Humana as a Healthcare Advocate. He received his bachelor’s from Mesoamericana and master's from Rafael Landivar.

Benefits of Partnering with Front Desk

Access to highly educated, bilingual virtual medical assistants.
Time and cost savings through streamlined administrative processes.
HIPAA-trained professionals ensure data security and confidentiality.
Enhanced patient satisfaction and loyalty through exceptional customer service.
Continuity of care with a dedicated, consistent assistant.
The reduced administrative workload for improved practice efficiency.

Consistent Assistant: A Seamless Partnership

We believe in fostering long-term relationships and continuity of care. When you partner with avanmed Front Desk, you'll work with the same dedicated virtual medical assistant on an ongoing basis. This consistent assistant becomes familiar with your practice's preferences, protocols, and patient base, allowing seamless integration into your workflow. They’ll be an integral member of the team in no time!

HIPAA Trained & Certified Professionals

Your patients' privacy and data security are of utmost importance. Our virtual medical assistants undergo rigorous HIPAA training and certification to ensure they maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and compliance. Trust that your practice's sensitive information is handled with utmost care and professionalism.

Efficient Assistant Communication

Staying in contact with your medical virtual assistant is easy! Our assistants are conveniently located in close proximity to the US, eliminating significant time differences and infrastructure delays faced by outsourced virtual assistants in countries like the Philippines. Being in the same timezone ensures that your assistant is readily available and actively working during your practice hours. You can reach out to your assistant conveniently via phone, SMS, email, EMR, or your preferred communication method. Experience seamless and efficient interaction with your dedicated assistant throughout your medical practice.

Exceptional Customer Service Skills

Our virtual medical assistants are selected not only for their technical skills but also for their exceptional customer service abilities. They are trained to provide personalized attention, compassion, and empathy to your patients, creating a positive and welcoming environment. A satisfied patient translates into a positive reputation for your practice and increased patient retention.

Save Time & Streamline Operations

By delegating administrative tasks to our virtual medical assistants, you'll experience significant time savings. They handle a variety of responsibilities, including appointment scheduling, patient screening, insurance verification, and more. This allows you to focus on delivering quality patient care and optimizing your practice's productivity.

Fully Bilingual: English & Spanish

Communication is key to providing excellent patient care. Our virtual medical assistants are fluent in both English and Spanish, enabling them to communicate with a diverse range of patients effectively. This language proficiency ensures that your patients feel heard, understood, and valued, enhancing patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Highly Educated & Experienced

Our virtual medical assistants are selected based on their strong educational background and prior experience in the US healthcare industry. They possess in-depth knowledge of medical terminology, procedures, and workflows. This expertise allows them to seamlessly integrate with your practice, understanding your specific needs and delivering exceptional service.

Reducing Admin Workload: Enhancing Practice Efficiency

Our medical virtual assistants are here to alleviate the administrative burden weighing on your office staff. By handling tasks such as medical billing, pharmacy calls, physician communication, and custom administrative office needs, they free up your team's time and energy. This enables your staff to focus on critical tasks and collaborate more effectively, resulting in improved workflow and productivity.

Enhancing Your Practice

Ready to experience the benefits of our exceptional virtual medical assistants? Contact us now to discuss your needs and find the perfect fit for your practice. Elevate patient care, reduce administrative stress, and optimize your practice's reputation with avanmed Front Desk.