Avanmed Front Desk

Enhance your front desk experience.

Capitalize on every lead and keep your business running smoothly.
What’s one of the number one problems our clients face once they begin running successful marketing campaigns? The front desk isn’t trained to nurture leads and doesn’t know how to keep up. This results in missed opportunities and revenue.

That’s why we launched Avanmed Front Desk. Avanmed Front Desk integrates with your current front desk to support the influx of leads and potential patients you receive in response to your increased marketing presence.

How It Works

Our fully bilingual team can handle calls like they are sitting at your front desk, without you needing to hire someone else or expand your practice. All our front desk staff are trained in best practices to ensure they can nurture leads that result in new patients for your practice.

What We Do

Avanmed finds call center attendees that can interact with patients on your behalf. We provide them with scripts that match what a prospective patient would hear if they called your front desk directly. While we started Avanmed Front Desk to make sure our clients aren’t missing out on leads, our front desk staff can do much more than nurture leads.

After years of working with other marketing companies without much, if any success, I can finally say that you guys have been able to put Under the Palms MediSpa on the map! We now have the presence we want on social media, we are receiving qualified, daily leads & we have seen a significant increase in the number of cosmetic cases walk through the door. The website that your team designed is eye catching & is seeing good traffic. You are talented & creative, but as importantly, your team is easy to work with! I like that I always have a voice & my input is taken into consideration. Thank you for what you’ve done for my practice! Im looking forward to us working together for a long, long time. -Dr. C

Tasks You Can Outsource to Avanmed Front Desk: