Frequently Asked Questions
Do you share virtual assistants on accounts?
It depends. You can have a shared attendant or a dedicated attendant.  Shared attendants cover 2-3 accounts all in the healthcare industry.  Dedicated attendants are dedicated solely to your business.
What are the hours of operation for our virtual assistant?
We operate from 9am Eastern Time to 5pm Eastern Time Monday - Friday.  Our operators break for 1 hour.
Do you offer weekend services?
Dedicated call attendants may be available for Saturday coverage. 
What platform/software do you use?

We use cloud-based software for ticket management and an in-house call management system. (ZenDesk, Callrail, Sales Force, In-house)

Which clients and industries do you serve?

We are healthcare-focused. 

We work with Surgery Centers, Medical Spas, and Medical Providers such as OBGYNs, ENTs, Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons, Weight Loss Centers, plus more.

Do you support live chat software?

Yes, avanmed supports live chat with in-house software & Zendesk.

How does my virtual assistant learn and understand our workflow?

There is a one-month training period before going live. During this time, we work closely with you to understand your specific patient call flows and any third-party vendor that works alongside your practice. 

Can I give my avanmed virtual assistant access to our EMR, booking, and other software?

Yes, it is all done through a secure channel that facilitates all communications with new and existing patients.

How will I communicate with my virtual assistant?

You can call your assistant through a direct line or via live chat. 

Do you provide services in Spanish in addition to English?

Yes, all our assistants are fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

Do you ensure our data is secure?

We use the highest standards of security that meet HIPAA requirements.

How are lost calls handled when the phone lines are busy?

They get sent to a voice recording, and we call them back immediately. In addition,  we can set up an overflow system that goes to a second attendant. Off-hours calls can be sent to a voice recording or forwarded to an off-hours agent to ensure you have 24-hour coverage.

I am interested in giving avanmed front desk a try, but I am apprehensive about sourcing a virtual assistant.

Our clients have 60 days to try out our services. Additionally, potential customers read our testimonials or speak to one of our current clients to learn about their experience. 

What is the minimum duration to do business?

We need a 6-month commitment.

What are your term agreements for payment?

Payment is auto-billed upfront each billing cycle.

Who oversees my virtual assistant, and where are they located?

Our VA Management Team oversees your virtual assistant. Your VA will be located in Antigua, Guatemala, the land of volcanoes, and a quick two-hour flight from Miami. 

Is avanmed front desk HIPAA compliant?

Our front desk service is 100% HIPPA compliant.

How long does the onboarding process take?

The onboarding process takes about  45 days. Thirty days to learn the process, your call flow, and set up the software. We then have a 15-day testing process to ensure everything is working correctly. 

Will I need to change my phone number?

No, there are many options to forward your calls. You keep the same number.

How do you handle/manage after-hour calls?

After-hours calls are sent to a voicemail and answered first thing the following day. 

However, we also offer an off-hours attendant, so you have a live agent 24 hours a day. 

* Off-hour calls have an additional cost.