Our Team

We are the team reinventing healthcare marketing.


We’re here to keep you one step ahead.

We live and work in an increasingly digitalized and globalized world. Meet the team that is here to guide you through all the challenges of running the online side of your healthcare business. With international experience in healthcare, web design, digital marketing, and customer service, we know how to help your business grow and thrive.

Johann San Cristobal

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Pablo D Blanco

Co-Founder, Healthcare Strategist

Mario Callejas

Business Operations Manager

Perla Herrera

Account Manager

Carolina Scollo

Design & Digital Marketing Director

Derick Callejas

Paid Advertising Director

Jessica Mazariegos

Business Analyst

Mirna Ramos

Finance & Accounting

Patricia Mena

Graphic Designer

Blanca Carrillo

Front Desk Communication Analyst​

Nisa Kraemer

Front Desk Communication Analyst

Diego Molina

Front Desk Communication Analyst​

Ma'ayan Jasovich

Account Manager

Lorena Valdez

Copywriter & Content Creator

Fresia Cardona

Front Desk Team Lead

Ana Fernanda Castillo

Business Development LATAM

Alexa Morera

Front Desk Communication Analyst​

Sofía Martinez

Front Desk Communication Analyst​

Elizabeth Rebeca Pereira Castellanos

Front Desk Communication Analyst​

Sofia Michelle Muller Papa

Front Desk Communication Analyst​

Diego Gonzales

Paid Advertising Strategist

Carlos Estrada

Business Development