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avanmed, in collaboration with our partners, offer a comprehensive administrative support solution tailored to streamline your practice operations. avanmed Medical Virtual Agent Services are designed to optimize efficiency and reduce operational costs. Equipped with extensive training skilled agents manage administrative tasks and deliver exceptional customer service for your practice remotely.
Kevin Christie DC MCMFounder
MCM | Kevin Christie, DC
Dr Christie sits as an advisor and advocate of avanmed's virtual agent services. Having run his own practice, with multiple staff, associates, real estate purchases, billing issues, insurance headaches and trying to do excellent marketing, Dr Christie understands the pressures and how important it is to have someone that you can turn to with whatever you are struggling with.
How a Virtual Agent Can Help You

New Patient Calls

Returning/ Existing Patient Calls

Nurturing Leads

Insurance Verification

Billing & Collections

Custom Office Needs

EMR / EHR Integration

Scheduling & Booking

Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Focus

English & Bilingual (Spanish) Agents

Sales Focused & Trained

Customer Service Driven

How It Works

Our team seamlessly handles calls, replicating the experience of an in-house front desk employee without the need for additional hiring or practice expansion. Trained by industry leaders and best practices, avanmed virtual agents effectively manage tasks and nurture leads, resulting in increased patient acquisition and retention for your practice.

What to Expect

avanmed employs and trains call center attendees (VA's) to communicate with patients on your behalf. Equipped with knowledge, tools, and tailored scripts, our team mirrors the experience of calling your front desk directly. Our aim with avanmed Front Desk is to ensure our clients capture and manage existing patients and potential leads. Additionally, we handle practice management tasks including billing & collections, insurance verification, and pre-authorizations.


We prioritize patient confidentiality and train Front Desk employees rigorously in HIPAA certification to handle information discreetly and professionally. We are proud of our qualified and committed team.


Our Front Desk agents ensures your office runs smoothly. You'll build a strong relationship with them due to their excellent service. They'll be an invaluable part of your team.


Our attendants have vast experience in call center operations and virtual assistant roles, including supporting US medical companies.


Our Front Desk attendants undergo a one-month onboarding process with your practice. During this time we work together and adapt to your systems and workflows.


We are familiar with a wide range of record systems- we train and work together to incorporate into your EMR/EMH system in a timely manner.


Spanish is the second most common language in the US, with the number of speakers increasing yearly. Your assistant can communicate fluently and effectively in both languages.

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