Elevate Your Front Desk Experience with avanmed Front Desk

Are missed opportunities and revenue loss due to an overwhelmed front desk team causing you concern? As your marketing campaigns gain traction and generate more leads, handling the influx of inquiries and effectively nurturing them becomes challenging. Thankfully, there’s a solution designed to enhance your front desk experience and help you capitalize on every lead – avanmed Front Desk.

Seamless Integration for Maximum Efficiency


Avanmed Front Desk seamlessly integrates with your existing front desk operations, providing valuable support to manage the surge of leads and potential patients attracted by your expanded marketing presence. Our innovative service ensures that you never miss out on valuable opportunities again.


Efficient and Bilingual Team


How does avanmed Front Desk work? Our proficient and fully bilingual team functions as an extension of your front desk, eliminating the need to hire additional staff or expand your practice. Equipped with comprehensive training in industry best practices, our team expertly nurtures leads and converts them into new patients for your practice.


The Range of Services We Offer:


  1. New & Returning Patient Calls: We handle all incoming calls, providing a seamless and professional experience to prospective and existing patients alike.
  2. Nurture Potential Opportunities: Our skilled team excels at nurturing leads, ensuring that no potential patient slips through the cracks.
  3. Outpatient/OR Center Communication: We facilitate smooth communication between your outpatient or operating room center and patients, ensuring a well-coordinated experience.
  4. Provider Communication: avanmed Front Desk acts as a liaison, efficiently conveying information between patients and healthcare providers.
  5. Pharmacy Calls: Our team handles pharmacy-related inquiries, streamlining the process and ensuring timely resolutions.
  6. Insurance Verification: We take care of the time-consuming task of verifying insurance details, freeing up your staff to focus on more critical responsibilities.
  7. Billing: avanmed Front Desk can handle billing-related inquiries and provide support in managing financial aspects effectively.
  8. Administrative Tasks: Delegate routine administrative tasks to our capable team, allowing your staff to concentrate on delivering exceptional patient care.


Schedule your complimentary call

Discover how avanmed can revolutionize your practice and take it to new heights. We invite you to schedule a complimentary call today, where we’ll explore your unique requirements and demonstrate the benefits our services can bring to your practice.

To schedule your complimentary call, simply “click on the button” and we’ll be in touch promptly to arrange a suitable time.

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